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The Libertarian Conservative Group

Press release - 11th June 2020

James Hunt


Following our announcement two days ago. We are happy to confirm that we will be coming back however under a new name. It has been decided that The Libertarian Conservative Group has run its course. This is something we did not take lightly but we kept being met constantly with opposition from people who did not understand what we actually stood for. We were accused of not being Conservative for not supporting the Conservative Party and we were accused of not being Libertarian because we did not agree with the Ancap model. This was never what we stood for. We believed that a combination of both Conservatism and Libertarianism would make the best of both worlds instead of the idealistic vision that one option was pure and true.


So we are re-launching under a new name and a new organisational structure. One area that worked very well for us was our news and media. With this in mind, we are happy to announce J&T News. J & T News was created to provide a platform within which accurate reporting could be presented with an uncensored and no-nonsense approach. This also removes the connotation that we are associated with and supporting one particular party


Some of you may also be wondering what has happened to our think tank section of The Libertarian Conservative Group. This we are continuing, however, we have had to reduce our team to help with the new direction of the group so we have launched a new think tank called James Thomas Consulting. We want to focus more on select projects instead of a more broad view. This stretched our resources to the breaking point.


Our aims have not changed, our vision and passion has not waived. We just feel this is the right step to take us forward onto the next step in our journey

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